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> 2012 > BADEL CONNECTIONS > Badel Block Competiton, Zagreb > 185.890m2 > competition second stage

The exsisting built-up of the Badel quarter, which creates the north border, is inconsistent and does not cause any barrier against penetrating it. The desire to preserve the open atmosphere of the space and attract pedestrians inside the quarter caused part of the new built-up to be moved away from the allotment's boarder.

Created structure consists of alternating identical in size buildings and the sequence of squares. The buildings, between each we can sneak through by walking across accessible from each side squares, are getting wider towards the top in order to touch the neighbouring structures. Thanks to that design, squares located on the ground level seem to be much more intimate and shaded what is essential in the public space in this part of the world.

This way, the unique piece of Zagreb is being created and it consists of the row of open public spaces with distinct fuctions but consistent character and atmosphere. Walking between these spaces will remind of floating about the historic town centre where behind each corner surprising perspectives and unforgetable memories are waiting.

The arrangement of building touching each other in the corners with voids between them reminds us of chess board with ciphers arranged in similar manner. This metaphore suggests the mulitple possibilities of playing the game as well as multiple solutions based on simple rules written in the masterplan.

The proposed height of the built-up – 9 storeys above the ground, is the conscious decision allowing for flowing climbing into the structure of this part o Zagreb (so called Lower Town). It is not the height, but the interesting built-up that will make this place recognisable and attractive for outsiders.

Multifunctional hybrid standing between the traditional arrangement of independent buildings and greatly-surfaced single object is the best answer for the renovation of the quarter in the historic part of the city. Thanks to that solution, it is possible to make the quarter danser with simultaneous preservation of the open pubilc spaces. The effect of this design is the net of combined buildings with the creative space for social interaction between them. The strenght and individualism of that solution allows the simple quarter of space to become lively urban landmark on the map of Zagreb.

TEAM: Ligia Krajewska, Jakub Pstra¶, Jagoda Pstra¶

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